Friday, February 6, 2009

Welcome to my world...

Hello, you have reached the fantasy gaming (most especially 3.x and 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons) blog of John Walborn, veteran gamer and former industry insider...

I intend to discuss many things here, some game-related and many stemming from my personal struggles with the steady decline of role-playing in general on my weekend fun-o-meter. I'll also give you some occassional peeks into Tales of the Duelist: The Saga of Morlef Duchesne (working title) as I go... Hopefully more than four people (including my wife and mother) will read it (them, it's looking to be a trilogy) when it is finished.

Thanks for stopping by and keep your eyes peeled. Everything is open to discussion. I'd very much like to hear your take on my posts.

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